Welcome to the PhanaticMC / MCSkyblock Donators Shop!

Hi!, browse around and take a look at things you may want to buy, all proceeds benefit the server! Thanks to you we can grow and spend the money on things like faster hardware, developers, and advertisements!

Any payments made here are not a payment to Mojang or the official Minecraft game, This is contribution to help fund a minecraft server completely unaffiliated with Mojang

All contributions are made without expectation of any in-game items and/or perks.

PhanaticD - Owner of PhanaticMC - javw.phanatic@gmail.com

Terms of Service / Payment Agreement

Can I get a refund?
- Once you get your rank donations are non-refundable. chargebacks or disputes will result in a ban.

Can I give my rank to a friend?
- no, they are not transferable unless with valid reason to yourself

I died after getting my kit/lost my donator items can I get it back
- no sorry, items are not replaced

I donated but didnt get my rank?
- please wait at most a half hour for automatic ranking, longer for manual. if its been longer than 24 hours email me

Am I immune to bans?
- no you are not, I may perhaps lean toward temp instead of permanent in some cases but you are not exempt from bans

Can I buy a rank for a friend?
- yes, but only if said person consents. Buying anything for someone without their permission will result in the money being refunded and a 10 day ban.

To actually report someone buying a rank for you that you did not want, just send me an email. It must be at most within 24 hours of the next time you have logged on to the server after it was purchased to be a valid request.

Sales: a lot of the rank based donations are cumulative meaning that they stack. If you already bought a ten dollar package for example and want to upgrade to a twenty dollar package, everything will only cost ten dollars less since buycraft knows you already paid ten. Do not email me asking for free ranks just because you do not understand rank stacking.

Actual Sales: yes we have coupons usually on holidays! you will be able to see the coupon usually in the message of the day for the server list