Welcome to the PhanaticMC / MCSkyblock Donators Shop!

browse around and take a look at things you may want to buy, all proceeds benefit the server!

Please Note: there are no "sales", a lot of the rank based donations are cumulative meaning that they stack. If you already bought a ten dollar package for example and want to upgrade to a twenty dollar package, everything will only cost ten dollars less since buycraft knows you already paid ten.

Terms of Service / Payment Agreement

Can I get a refund?
- Once you get your rank donations are non-refundable. chargebacks or disputes will result in a ban.

Can I give my rank to a friend?
- no, they are not transferable unless with valid reason to yourself

I died after getting my kit/lost my donator items can I get it back
- no sorry

I donated but didnt get my rank?
- please wait at least a half hour for automatic ranking, longer for manual. if its been longer than 24 hours email me

Am I immune to bans?
- no you are not, I may perhaps lean toward temp instead of permanent in some cases but you are not exempt from bans

PhanaticMC Server Status
433 / 1500 players online.
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